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Mark Baker


The Vision Steering Committee has been assigned the goals of reviewing specific Hilton Head Island initiatives, Including the Mid-Island Initiative, and initiating studies of multiple social issues impacting the lifestyle of Island residents. The studies will be conducted by assigned task forces made up of The Island Committee members. Results of both initiative reviews and social issue studies, with recommendations, will be submitted to the Executive Committee for follow-through.

Meeting Schedule/Location:

The Vision Steering Committee will meet monthly on the third Friday of each month at 8 AM via Zoom until further notice. Task forces will schedule independent meeting times and locales.


Food Insecurity Task Force

A GIC task force was formed in February 2021 to study the issue of hunger in the GIC region. While the need for assistance could be determined empirically, available statistics showed food insecurity at a level of 9.6% of the Beaufort County population and 15.1% in Jasper County. The task force’s focus was on identifying the depth and demographics of the need, the resources available to meet that need, and what assistance could be provided to enhance availability and accessibility. The goal was to ensure that needs and supply were well defined and adjustments to better serve this immediate need identified so that supportive actions could be initiated.

On July 29th, 2021, the Food Insecurity Report and Adequate Wages & Workforce Report were presented to the Executive Committee of the GIC.  On August 14, the draft report was sent to the membership for review.  On January 6, 2022, the final report was approved at the General Membership meeting. Download the full report here.