Vision Steering Committee


John Lang


The Vision Steering Committee will serve as a think tank within the Greater Island Council, identifying and considering issues affecting our Island and our larger region. We will look beyond the immediate attention of government and community institutions, and we will provide visionary, unifying, thoughtful leadership on issues that are important to the community’s future.


The Vision Steering Committee will:

  • Advocate when necessary on important current community issues that are not otherwise being addressed, but our primary focus will be on the longer-term horizon and solutions for the community.


  • Share our research and thoughts with the full GIC and other committees and with the community, recognizing that many issues require broad dialogue and collaborative efforts.


  • Endeavor to populate Vision Steering Committee with a diverse group of people whose broad experience and creative thinking will contribute to our work.


The efforts of the Vision Steering Committee will be guided by these overarching principles:

  • Community Unity We encourage community decisions and actions that foster community unity, inclusivity, and quality of life for all citizens.


  • World Class Solutions for a World Class Community Our standards and aspirations are high. We boldly visualize and plan for the future, and we show the world how a community can come together to address issues and solve problems.


  • Enduring Community Values Our thinking transcends insular priorities and encourages creative collaboration – we are guided by the community’s set of enduring values.