Peter Kristian


Mark Baker


Assist the Town of Hilton Head Island and Beaufort County with the education of residents and visitors to the Greater Hilton Head area on the benefits and opportunities to make our area more sustainable.

Meeting Schedule / Location:

Generally, meet monthly on the fourth Wednesday of the month.


The Sustainability Advisory Committee’s membership is composed of both GIC members and others interested in environmental stewardship.


1. The Committee is presently working on two initiatives – Supporting the collection, processing, and deployment of natural erosion barriers to protect our shorelines and marsh estuaries.
2. Working with the Town of Hilton Head Island and Beaufort County Government to expand accessibility to recycling by advocating for the restructuring of the present recycling and solid waste tipping fees
3. Advocating for policies and programs that will extend the life of the present landfill.
4. Advocating for the construction of a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) that will streamline the processing of Solid Waste and recycling and reduce the cost of trash and recycling services to taxpayers.
5. The committee is also seeking to address sustainable initiatives as they pertain to the generation of electricity, and the preservation of potable water The committee advocates for practices that reduce the amounts of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on our golf courses, manicured open spaces, and residential landscapes.


• The town approved the committee’s resolution on solid waste and recycling. Read the full report.
• Presently working with the Town of Hilton Head Island and Beaufort County on securing a second Oyster shell drop-off and storage location on Hilton Head Island
• Presently working on a second resolution that if adopted by the GIC and the Town of Hilton Head Island will move the community closer to town-wide residential, solid waste, and recycling services.