Regional Committee

Economic Development, Attainable Housing/Customer Service – “The Silicon Garden”


Lee Wilwerding

Vice chairman:

Joe Passiment


Seek to help carve out a unique position for the Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort, Port Royal and Hardeeville areas, as being a place where intellectual prowess, meets an unbelievable quality of life.


Everyone who agrees to work towards our goals is welcome.

Smart Region Strawman Plan

A subcommittee of the Regional Committee (Galen Miller, Jeanne Antonuccio and Tom Snydal) researched and developed the concept of a Smart Region for Beaufort County.  Jeanne Antonuccio presented a strawman plan of that concept to the Executive Committee at their February 2021 meeting.

A Smart Region is about creating an interpersonal relationship between a region and its people. It uses information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance its livability, workability and sustainability.

Infrastructure is a critical element

The plan includes examples from other communities with successful Smart Region implementations and identifies two key areas where Smart Region concepts could be employed in Beaufort County: Education Achievement and Health Achievement.

The subcommittee plans to work with the GIC Education committee and Medical committee to identify potential opportunities, stakeholders and leaders and also work with the GIC Government Policy committee to address legislative agendas which might be required to make progress on a Smart Region.  The GIC committees will seek community partners to implement this concept and work as advocates to help through planning and implementation.

You can view, download or print the PowerPoint presentation by clicking below:

Smart Region PowerPoint

Goals and Strategies:

Our efforts will be divided into two main focal areas:


  • Economic Development:
    Target a spectrum of small footprint, high intellectual capacity jobs buttressed by the skilful, talented human output of the Beaufort County School District, Technical College of the Lowcountry and the University of South Carolina-Beaufort. In our more sparsely populated areas, the Lowcountry can accommodate clean manufacturing ranging and in our pristine, waterfront areas can accommodate small footprint high skilled jobs.
    1. Revitalize and Modernize the economy with New Age jobs that will help retain our young talented residents
    2. Encourage Exports which will increase the economic value of the local money multiplier effect and increase demand for our local service-oriented businesses.
    3. Focus on Customer Service improvements including aesthetics and memorable customer service delivery
    4. Practice Compassionate Capitalism to entice underserved communities to become conversant and proficient at investing in investment vehicles such as partnerships, alliances and provide financial literacy classes in conjunction with GIC Community Skills Enrichment Committee.
  • Attainable Housing:
    1. Study and Understand Zoning Requirements and governmental incentive programs. Subsequently leverage that knowledge to find and support the creation of attainable housing that is within the reach of moderate median income earners.
    2. Encourage Employee Wage and Benefit Surveys to determine if current salaries and wages offered to employees are commensurate with competing job offers from alternative job opportunities.
    3. Review the feasibility of reviving the Service Academy Concept whereby service workers better trained on the value of good customer service will become more valuable to their employers and more stable homeowners. 


Idealistic? Yes! Decidedly So. 

These goals and plans will support the 2 overarching GIC goals of: 

  1. Supporting the TOHHI deployment of the Vision and 
  2. Broadening the Composition of both the GIC and TOHHI/Lowcountry Region