Denise Spencer


This short-term committee met two times per month until it completed its work in August 2020.

Purpose Statement:

The Pandemic Pivot Project Team (PPPT) recognizes that the Covid-19 Pandemic is having a profound effect on all aspects of life, here in the Lowcountry and beyond. The creativity of many is astounding as most of life as we knew it has changed. Delivery systems and logistics are being developed to communicate and do business differently, and investments are being made which may well sustain these systems after the pandemic is over. In the future, tele-medicine, education, grocery/restaurant delivery systems, meetings/conferences, US manufacturing, philanthropy and much more, may not look the same due to the investments in, new experience with, and even cost savings that result from these innovations. How should we be planning for the future given these new realities? How should these realities factor into the current visioning and planning being undertaken by government, business and organizations moving forward? The PPPT is exploring these issues, and partnering with others to do the same.

The task force began with the “current and future normal” of GIC itself, knowing that we might have our own existential crisis if we were not able to pivot to regular online meetings, as well as critical communication for our members and the community during this time.

Having worked through how the GIC would continue into the future (including keeping Zoom as a possible way of attending even when we move back into physical meetings), we have now begun identifying critical community issues, and then funneling them to the proper GIC committees (or other partners) for discussion and perhaps action.

As can be seen from our purpose statement, it is not our plan, as a short-term task force, to undertake major projects. But as issues requiring change, more focus, or significant planning as a result of the pandemic become apparent, we will work to identify and define them, and then communicate our concerns to those who might be working in such areas. We do not intend to step on the toes of other GIC committees or with local organizations already laboring in certain fields. However, offering new information, ideas or concerns is within the realm of our work.

Click below to read, download or print the PPPT’s Final Report:

Pandemic Pivot Project Team Final Report