We Are An Informed Group
of Community Advocates

Membership in the GIC

The GIC grew slowly from its initial group of founders to its current target of 150 members. The GIC continues to identify and invite new members – community leaders with a deep interest and concern for the welfare and improvement of the area – who are willing to devote time and energy to seek solutions to current challenges. The GIC attempts to maintain a membership that reflects the community in terms of profession, home location, sex, race, education, and professional skills and experience. Members are expected to participate actively in at least one action committee (link to committee page) and to pay annual dues.

Keeping Informed

Monthly meetings of the full membership provide a forum for members to receive information about current issues affecting the region’s quality of life, to discuss these issues, and to enable members to be better informed leaders in the community at large. Our speakers include leaders from many organizations including our State legislators, school superintendent, and County leaders.”

We do from time to time publicly take a policy position on referenda or other matters of wide concern. No significant public advocacy position may be taken on behalf of the GIC as a whole without the approval of the full GIC membership.

If you are interested in membership, please contact us.