Leslie Richardson


Administer the process by which the Greater Island Council (GIC) obtains new members. The process includes the identification, recruitment, and nomination of prospective new members by current GIC members. Membership Committee evaluates nominees and then forwards nomination packages to the Executive Committee for approval.

Meeting Schedule / Location:

Work conducted principally by email.


Participation is limited to active GIC members. GIC members interested in service on the Membership Committee should advise the chair so that they may be considered for the next opening.

Membership Application Process:

The Membership Chairman receives the information for proposed candidates from current Greater Island Committee members.

Greater Island Committee does not have a membership application, but there is a process. In order to present a proposed membership candidate for Greater Island Council these are the requirements for the membership candidate:

  1. Attend a general meeting
  2. Attend a Committee meeting
  3. Be approved by Membership Committee
  4. Be approved by the Executive Committee

Goals and Strategies:

Our goal is to develop a membership body that is engaged, committed, collaborative, and diverse. To have engaged members our plan is to connect new members with a committee to join. New members receive membership orientation information.