Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow – Short Summary of Presentation
Jeanne Antonuccio

This document is a summary of a PowerPoint presentation created for the GIC Vision Steering Committee and presented later to the Town of Hilton Head Island – Our Plan participants

Examples of how Pittsburgh is preparing for its future:

  1. Eden Hall Campus Chatham University – Sustainability
  2. National Center for Art and Technology – Workforce Development

Hazelwood Green

Imagine – a Master Plan for Hilton Head for its Full-time Residents

Economic Return:  Attracting younger, innovative working group; Marketing for the future; Increasing property values commercial and residential and in return increasing assessed values for town to receive a higher return on tax revenue.

Next Steps:  Identify the right balance for the Master Plan Community and what business would be a good fit for tomorrow’s Hilton Head resident.  Who is our future resident target group?

Eden Hall Campus Chatham University

Imagine – Hilton Head as the world’s first Island designed to showcase sustainable solutions.

Economic Return:  Attracting researchers and innovative thinkers to come and learn about preserving the environment.  Establishing classes and speakers where guests pay to attend and learn. Publicity that attracts new residents and a creative workforce to Hilton Head.

Next Steps:  Establish what universities might be good partners such as Eden Hall; design a master plan for this space; identify best approach

National Center for Arts and Technology – NCAT

Imagine an NCAT in Beaufort County helping its underserved and unemployed people become a meaningful contributor to the county’s workforce.

Economic Return:  a larger workforce for existing businesses and helpful when attracting new companies.  The biggest return is helping people feel good about themselves and to have purpose in our community.  New Haven CT five years after creating CONCAT in their town has a ROI of $5 million.

Next Steps:  Continue talks with Bill Strickland/CEO NCAT to learn more how we can make this happen in Beaufort County