Beaufort County Landfill and Hilton Head Island

Town of HHI Planning Commission moves GIC Sustainability Resolution Forward

On June 16th, Mark Baker, GIC member presented the GIC Sustainability Advisory Committee’s (SAC) “The Beaufort County Landfill and the Town of Hilton Head Island” resolution position paper on solid waste management for Beaufort County to the Town of HHI Planning Commission. It was approved at our general membership meeting in May.  Mark reviewed the history of the SAC which was created in 2012 to enhance Hilton Head Island and Southern Beaufort County’s sustainability practices.  He explained that the current Jasper County landfill’s estimated life is 5 years but could be extended to 15 years with much more waste being efficiently and effectively recycled and sold.  The ideal solution is a 50–100-acre state-of-the-art transfer/recycling center in S. Beaufort County which would allow trash haulers to go a shorter distance and ensure that recyclables are made salable and therefore a more environmentally sustainable solution.  Currently, Waste Management charges to dump recyclables into the landfill but trash is free, a backward incentive for sustainable waste management.  Further, businesses are no longer allowed in convenience centers like HHI’s which could lead them to avoid the long trip to Jasper and dump trash illegally.  Beaufort County is aware of and working on the issues.  The resolution, which was unanimously passed by the Planning Commission asks HHI’s leadership to work with Beaufort County to develop a forward-thinking solution.  The resolution has been adopted by the Town of HHI and the committee is presently working with Beaufort County staff on next steps.

To view the video of Mark Baker’s presentation, click here.  Mark’s presentation is 4 minutes into the meeting.

To view The Beaufort County Landfill and the Town of Hilton Head Island resolution position paper, click here.