A White Paper

By the GIC Vision Steering Committee

In December 2020, the GIC’s Vision Steering Committee created a white paper which explains the committee’s definition of Community Unity and how the Town of Hilton Head Island, the Greater Island Council and community partners can use the concept. They described two aspects, structural and aspirational and identified initiatives which could be considered for priority action by the Town and the GIC.

The committee recognized that Community Unity was identified as central to the future of Hilton Head Island in the product of two major Town planning efforts, Our Vision and Our Plan.  The white paper was sent to Mayor John McCann and the members of the Town Council prior to their annual planning workshop on January 28-29, 2021.  The committee hopes that Town Council will embrace Community Unity as a primary lens in determining what is really important now and worthy of early implementation.

The process they created is intended to define and prioritize issues and tasks in support of Community Unity to be taken on by the Greater Island Council and other relevant entities.

The committee wants an agenda and work plan that is both meaningful and within the ability of the Greater Island Council and our community to achieve.

You can view, download or print the white paper by clicking below:

Community Unity White Paper