Alan Wolf, Chairman, Serge Restaurant Group, and Board Member of Coastal Community Development Corporation

February 1, 2024

The featured speaker at February’s Monthly Members meeting was Alan Wolf presenting as a Board Member of the Coastal Community Development Corporation. Alan was fittingly introduced by Ray Warco, who invoked Benjamin Franklin’s axiom “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” Wolf, a father of six children ages five to fifteen, president of the SERG Restaurant Group, and an active member in numerous local organizations came before us to share the vital role the CCDC is playing to help ensure our community has the housing it needs to accommodate our island’s workforce.

The reason is simple to state and critical:

Our quality of life is at risk if our workforce can’t afford to live anywhere near here.

To help state the case for the CCDC and other workforce housing initiatives in our region, click on ‘Lake Tahoe has a people problem’: how a resort town became unlivable from the Guardian magazine.

The CCDC’s goal is to preserve local workforce housing by purchasing existing homes in the region and renting them to local working residents with rental rates that are determined by household income.

Rather than approaching the workforce housing crisis from a model that requires a project to be built from the ground up, the CCDC actively seeks out and purchases existing homes in our area and offers rents that serve a wide range of our workforce based on household income. This unique approach provides housing that is sustainable and affordable for working individuals and families.

One way to show your support for the CCDC is by attending the February 20th Hilton Head Island Town Council meeting at 3:00. The CCDC will be presenting at this meeting and you can register in advance of the meeting to speak on the CCDC’s behalf. To register to speak at this or any Town Council meeting, click here.

To view the presentation that Alan Wolf shared with our group, click here. To learn more about the CCDC and its efforts – including how you can engage with this organization to help it succeed and grow, go to their website.