Childcare Task Force Report

Quality Childcare Benefits Everyone in the Community

The chair and vice chair of the Greater Island Council established a Childcare Task Force to study the childcare needs in Beaufort County. Specifically, the mission targeted a review of the need, an inventory of resources available to address the need, difficulties in supply and an analysis of issues related to providing childcare to families that need it.

The Childcare Task Force completed its work and submitted its draft report to the ExCom on Thursday, September 30, 2021.  ExCom approved distribution of the report to the General Membership for their consideration.  Tom Henz, chair of the Childcare Task Force discussed the report at the GIC General Membership Meeting on Thursday, October 7, 2021.  The report was approved at the General Membership Meeting on November 4, 2021.

The report reviews the current status of Beaufort County childcare with information from childcare providers, government agencies, non-profit organizations and childcare professionals.  It describes the deficiencies in the availability of affordable, quality childcare which needs to have:

  • adequate capacity
  • a safe, secure and healthy environment
  • educational and enrichment components
  • convenient location and transportation and needed hours of operation

In  addition to explaining the impact of childcare deficiencies on working parents, children, businesses and all those who depend on services (nurses, retail clerks, hospitality workers, fireman, teachers, etc.) the report offers recommendations to improve the availability of childcare in the county.

Childcare Task Force – Committee Members 

Tom Henz, Chair 
Jason Ashley 
Dale Douthat 
Jane Joseph 
John Lang 
Jody Levitt 
Kim Likins 
Janet Porter 
Ray Warco 

You can view, download or print the presentation by clicking below:

Childcare Task Force Report