Joe Passiment, Chairman of the Beaufort County Council

December7, 2023

The featured speaker at December’s Monthly Members meeting was Joe Passiment, Chairman of the Beaufort County Council. The subject of Passiment’s captivating presentation was “Beaufort County Thirty Years Into The Future.” Following are some highlights.

  • High-speed ferries will connect Daufuskie, Savannah, Hilton Head, Tybee, Bluffton, and Port Royal allowing, for example, a 20-minute commute from Savannah to Hilton Head.
  • Beaufort County will have world-class facilities that meet the needs of future populations. Level 1, 2, and 3 trauma centers; specialized facilities for diseases; wellness centers; rehabilitation centers, short-term care centers; long-term care centers, teaching centers, and laboratories
  • USCB becomes one of the crown jewels in the SC education system offering 4-year undergrad degrees and Master’s and Doctorate degrees.
  • Beaufort County Parks and Recreation completes the $100 million dollar upgrades, creates an arena for sports and arts in Bluffton, and hosts D2 tournaments in basketball, and volleyball.
  • The housing needs and stock of homes continue to grow. Zoning is changed to allow for more multi-use developments, new building techniques will use materials that are less costly and more resistant to hurricanes and are more energy efficient.
  • MCAS continues to be the home base for the latest military aircraft, including the F-35 and beyond. Parris Island continues to be the training center for marines and expands to serve both males and females. The Naval Hospital is relocated, and the existing site becomes a corporate headquarters.
  • Beaufort will face significant challenges in handling waste and recycling. Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) will need to be constructed. A new landfill will have to be developed as Hickory Hill reaches maximum capacity.

To view the documents Chairman Passiment shared with us, please click here.