2021 GIC Member Survey

February 2021

In late February, 2021 the Communications Committee of the Greater Island Council of Hilton Head and Bluffton conducted an email survey of the GIC membership.  It had been close to a year since the GIC had suspended in person meetings and moved all general member and committee meetings to Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the survey was to understand the current thoughts of the members on the meeting schedule and help the leadership plan for the time when the organization could go back to in person meetings.

The questions in the survey covered:

  • Meeting start and stop times
  • Use of Zoom for members who could not attend meetings in person
  • Use of Zoom to bring remote speakers to member meetings
  • Members’ priorities for meeting speakers
    • Government
    • Non-profit social services
    • Business
    • Arts & Culture
    • Education
    • Health
  • Why members joined the GIC
  • Biggest benefit of GIC membership.

As a result of information obtained from the survey, the GIC is planning to return to meetings in a hybrid environment (in person and Zoom) in July.

The GIC leadership appreciates the large number of members who responded to the survey and used the information to best meet members’ needs.

You can view, download or print the survey presentation by clicking below:

2021 GIC Member Survey Results