Founded In 1989

History Of The Greater Island Council

The Council was organized and chartered as the Greater Island Committee in 1989 as a non-profit, non-partisan South Carolina corporation by a small group of community leaders. The objective was to provide a means by which interested and involved citizens could stay abreast of ongoing and emerging issues affecting the quality of life within the community and, when appropriate, to develop and advocate courses of action in areas of interest to the community. The founders believed this could be best accomplished by organizing a group of civic-minded leaders with diversified backgrounds.

The GIC Action Committees are the principal vehicles through which the GIC identifies key issues, focuses on potential improvements and encourages constructive changes. These committees explore issues of importance to the community, take steps to encourage sound policies and constructive actions and deliver tangible outcomes.

Enriching the lives of area residents through a desire to preserve, protect and improve the quality of life for all who call the Lowcountry their home. The GIC partners with other organizations to unite, support, and enhance our shared community beliefs.