Andy Twisdale


David Borghesi

2020 Annual Committee Trip to SC Statehouse – last pre-COVID in person event


Identify sound government and tax policies that can best serve the long-term interests of our region, and work with government officials and others to encourage the adoption and implementation of these sound policies.

Meeting Schedule:

Fourth Tuesday of the month, 11:00 am


We invite all GIC members and interested community members to participate

Goals and Strategies:

Find new members and a Chair and Vice Chair

Our Government Policy Committee monitors HHI Town Council, Bluffton Town Council, and Beaufort County Council by reviewing their stated goals and objectives. Also, monitor Workforce Housing Issues. Committee members are expected to become knowledgeable of what these entities are doing to accomplish their stated goals. 

Monitor legislative initiatives that will affect our region both on a local and state level.

Another task our committee has traditionally taken on is an overnight trip to Columbia to meet with our elected state delegation and heads of cabinet within the Governor’s office.  We also meet with the governor and present our issues of concern or our recommendations.

Scope of Work

Our members also are asked to keep up with any agenda items that come up that will impact citizens in a negative manner. Our committee can then discuss these items; and if approved, send a statement to the Ex Committee to ask them to support the issue. If they support the issue then the entire GIC membership is notified. This gives our members information on specific issues.


  • 2018 Beaufort County Infrastructure Referendum Approved by Voters
  •  2020 Beaufort County Budget Request Pending Approval as of February 2020
  • 2020 SC Hate Crime Bills introduced in Senate and House with Lowcountry Delegation Leadership
  • 2021 Affiliated Agency Policy Recommendation – read more about this accomplishment on the Resource page at: Affiliated Agency Policy Recommendation