Communications Committee


Jane Joseph



Keep the membership informed about GIC efforts in support of the community and provide a vehicle to inform the community about the GIC.


Limited to GIC members only, based on the committee’s mission.

Meeting Schedule/Location:

Second Tuesday of the month. Locations vary.

Goals and Strategies:

  • First priority: re-vitalizing our website and keeping it current.
  • Second priority: Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Other: Maintain a Speakers Bureau and offer the membership talking points that can be used when speaking about GIC activities.
  • Issue press releases when appropriate


This is a new committee. Since our formation in 2019 we have:

  • Initiated a new bi-monthly newsletter, The Advocate
  • Put up a website and re-worked what we had there to make it more meaningful and current.
  • Started record keeping of GIC speakers and we have written narrative and bullet talking points for GIC members to use when they speak to other organizations.