Judy Dunning


Project a positive image of GIC’s work in the community. Keep the membership informed about GIC efforts.


Limited to GIC members only, based on the committee’s mission.

Meeting Schedule/Location:

Second Tuesday of the month. Locations vary.

Goals and Strategies:

  • Ensure the GiC Strategic Plan is a living document.
  • Develop an external communications plan including social media, The Advocate, and the GIC website.
  • Re-vitalize our website with articles about our current work.
  • Use the Advocate to build support for GIC key initiatives.
  • Issue press releases when appropriate


Since our formation in 2019 we have:

  • Initiated a new monthly newsletter, The Advocate.
  • Launched a website that provides transparency about the work of GIC including speaker presentations and links to important websites and reference materials.
  • Conducted an electronic member survey for the Membership committee.
  • In 2022, a password-protected members database was created.